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Positive Pressure
Bone Marrow Transplantation Rooms

Engineering future of BMT units :


We help you to achieve the best

Design and implement the most modern technologies that matching international standards and reduce operational risk.

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee your BMT unit will meet or exceed the agreed upon performance specifications, for the quoted firm price we gave you, or we will make any required modifications

EIC Systems BMT rooms designed and implemented according to the recommendation and condition of the BMT rooms in the national and international guide for infection control like GMP, ISO 14644, WHO, Federal Standard 209e …etc.

EIC succeeded to achieve the balance between the cost and international standards to deliver requirements by the quarter of the cost of the unit imported from abroad. EIC is the right choice for BMT rooms designs operating smooth with afforded maintenance, saving time with guaranteed.

BMT bone marrow transplant unit.png

Total treated fresh air
∆P gauge pressure
BMS sensor


Eic Systems device
Air exhaust
Supply air sterilizing unit

Our Standard : 

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