Positive Air Pressure Cleanrooms
Cleanrooms are classified into 2 categories of air pressurization, positive and negative air pressure cleanroom HVAC ( Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning ) systems.

Positive air pressure cleanrooms systems are normally used for Electronics, Aerospace, Optics, Military and Defense applications, and Research, etc., where the air escaping from doors, ceilings, or walls, due to the positive air pressure, is not hazardous and not creating safety or health concerns. The amount of particulate cleanliness required determines the cleanroom design concept, amount of air filtration, CFM (cubic feet per minute) and total HVAC. Our positive pressure cleanroom designs are based on years on experience in air pressurization in a vast variety of applications.

Positive Air Pressure Cleanrooms normally operate in an air pressure range of 0.02 in. to 0.2 in water column (H20). Positive air pressure means the cleanroom or rooms are "pumped up" with more filtered air then the surrounding space outside the cleanroom(s). There are different cascading levels of positive air pressure from the cleanest rooms at the highest pressure down to the gown room/or airlock room.

Electronics Cleanrooms, Aerospace, Optics, Research, Military, Defense, Etc.
Pharmaceutical Production Cleanrooms.
Medical Production Cleanroom.
Pharmaceutical / Medical Research Cleanrooms.
Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms

Negative air pressure cleanrooms are used for hazardous manufacturing processes. Negative air pressure cleanrooms are also used for isolation rooms, BSL level P - 2, P - 3, and P - 4 Bio-Safety cleanrooms for production and medical research.

Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms - Hazardous Process Facilities.
Modular BSL P-2 - General Clean Laboratories.
Modular BSL P-3 - Bio-Hazard / Containment Clean Laboratories.
Portable BSL P-2 and P-3 Containerized Portable Clean Laboratories
Mobile (truck mounted) BSL P-2 and P-3 Clean Laboratories
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