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Positive Pressure Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are classified into 2 categories, positive and negative air pressure cleanroom HVAC ( Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning ) systems. Positive air pressure cleanrooms systems are normally used for Electronics, Aerospace, Optics, Military and Defense applications, and Research, etc., where the air escaping from doors, ceilings, or walls, due to the positive air pressure, is not hazardous and not creating safety or health concerns. The amount of particulate cleanliness required determines the design concept, amount of air filtration, CFM (cubic feet per minute) and total HVAC.

Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

Negative air pressure cleanrooms are used for hazardous manufacturing processes. Negative air pressure cleanrooms are also used for BSL level P - 2, P - 3, and P - 4 Bio-Safety cleanrooms for production and medical research.

  • Modular and Load Bearing

  • Custom Built to Your Specifications

  • Qualified Projects 

  • Customized projects achieved Customer's satisfaction

  • Full In-House Design & Engineering

  • Manufacture of Major Components In-House

  • Factory Trained In-House Personnel

Cleanrooms "Custom Specs" for different purposes
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Semiconductor

  • Electronic

  • Optics

  • Military

  • Aerospace

  • Medical

  • Pharmacy

  • Manufacturing

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