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A Biosafety Lab

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

EIC is specialized in building labs which can be used to study agents that can be transmitted through the air and cause potentially lethal infection. Researchers perform lab manipulations in a gas-tight enclosure. Other safety features include clothing decontamination, sealed windows, and specialized ventilation systems.

المركز العلمي البيطري مجمع الإنتاج الحيواني بمدينة السادات للقوات المسلحة

A biosafety Lab controls pathogens and maintain protection level is required to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed laboratory facility.

Quality laboratory results are required to support clinical diagnosis, rationalize and monitor treatment, for epidemiological purposes, for the surveillance and control of diseases of public health importance, and to provide early warning of disease outbreaks. This improves the accuracy of health information and promotes effective national health planning.

More protective primary barriers are used in BSL 3 laboratories, including solid-front wraparound gowns, scrub suits or coveralls made of materials such as Tyvek® and respirators as necessary. Facility design should incorporate self-closing double-door access separated from general building corridors. The ventilation must provide ducted, directional airflow by drawing air into the lab from clean areas and with no recirculation.

We believe that the establishment of successful development requires a continuous care for the other through living responsibly, applying the highest international standards of quality and safety in all our activities.

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