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AiroMaxima Air Sanitizer: High-Tech Devices Controlling Airborne

In-room air sanitizer is highly effective device using the extreme power of the UV-C rays to kill and eradicate 99.9% of all Germs (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi…) in a single pass of air. Airborne Microbes such as H5N1, MDR-TB, and MERS COV are completely controlled.

UVGI systems designed to be extremely effective as a result of the direct contact with the highly efficient germicidal UV-C lamps in a “multistage cascading system” guarantees a powerful action of the ultraviolet rays at a close distance along the air pass, the quality of the radiations and the time of exposure ensure the destruction of all microorganisms present in the air in a single pass.

The device consists of fans to force ambient air through a variety of air cleaning stages from pre filter, to UV-C emitters, the air is sanitized and ready to be released into the room. The unique technology removes even the smallest impurities from indoor air. These impurities can consist of viruses, bacteria, mold spores as well as traffic originated soot.

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