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EIC Systems Company is the first factory Specialized Infection Control Solutions in ME and Africa

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Based on our responsibility and as the first and the only Manufacturing Company in Egypt and Middle East Specialized in Airborne Infection Control & Achieving Clean Room Standards, we care about delivering and supporting clients with technical and maintenance needs.

At EIC Systems, we do understand your needs, and customize the most suited solution efficiently and in a cost-effective way through our triple integrated technologies combining of UVGI, HEPA filters and Aerodynamic techniques to meet the highest world standards.

UV-C considered and approved as a solution with remarkable and tested signs. EIC-Systems as a professional technical solution provider with integration concept between UV-C, HEPA and aerodynamic mechanism able to achieve the balance for increasing needs of isolation rooms, BMT clean rooms, industrial microbial control and hospital infection control.

During the last years, EIC succeeded to achieve enormous history with the respect of its qualified solutions and products with laboratory test reports that assure high control for virus, bacteria and fungi microorganisms even with hospital's acquired mutations.

EIC Systems is R&D based industry leading manufacturer and installer of clean HVAC, controlled environments and cleanrooms in Egypt and Middle East.

EIC- Systems was established in 2014 as the first Egyptian leading manufacturer providing the highest technologies in the field of environmental infection control by treating air through UV-C irradiation devices. EIC is introducing integrated solutions serving a wide medical, industrial, commercial sector and building clean rooms, biosafety labs considering international standards with the maximum precautions.

EIC - Systems considered as a technical engineering manufacturing company headquartered in EL-Obour city, Egypt.

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