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Environmental Infection Control Systems

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

EIC Systems is R&D based industry leading manufacturer and installer of clean HVAC, controlled environments and cleanrooms in Egypt and Middle East.

At EIC Systems, we do understand your needs, and customize the most suited solution efficiently and in a cost effective way through our triple integrated technologies combining of UVGI, HEPA and Aerodynamic techniques to achieve the highest world standards

Scope of Work


Projects and Consultation

1.HVAC projects for critical sites.

2.Biosafety labs.

3.Standard negative Isolation Rooms.

4.BMT positive pressure Rooms.

5.Intensive care.

6.Surgical operating rooms.

7.Industrial Clean rooms.


Products and Solutions

1.Air sanitizer Devices

2.HVAC – UV built in unit.

3.Biosafety personal protective set.

4.Customized Modules.

5.Tunnels Full line.

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